Makeup 101; Projection Towards Makeup Development

Makeup 101; Projection Towards Makeup Development
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Beauty isn’t just related to makeup development. It also embraces the skin and hair care routine. With all these measures, one’s appearance can really add to their confidence and beauty, especially when working face to face with the public. For most men and women makeup is definitely a confidence booster. It is also a necessity for other as well. Around 80% wear at least one type of cosmetics, talking about makeup there’s an interesting fact i-e there are at least 7 kinds of makeup looks which include:

  • HD Makeup
  • Airbrush Makeup
  • Matte Makeup
  • Mineral Makeup
  • Natural Makeup
  • Shimmer Makeup
  • Smokey Makeup

Now let’s see what these actually are:

HD Makeup:

HD Makeup stands for High- Definition makeup. This kind of makeup is done by using high-end products which are designed in a way that when the light would be showered on the skin, it would look softer and beckoning, an interesting fact about this look is that it suits all kinds of skin types because it blends very easily.

Airbrush Makeup Development:

It is the kind of makeup which is done by an airbrush instead of using beauty blenders, fingers, makeup brushes or other methods. An interesting fact about this look is that it can last up to 15 hours or more it also provides immaculate coverage by diminishing skin imperfections by giving skin a beautifully natural finished look.

Matte Makeup:

This is the kind of makeup which gives a completely matte look it can hide the skin imperfections giving a slick, comfortable finish.

Mineral Makeup:

This is the kind of makeup which is made of compressed minerals. Most of them are pure minerals; they do not contain any oil or wax.

Natural Makeup:

This kind of makeup usually has ingredients from natural sources. This look has a minimal amount of products used on the face.

Shimmer Makeup:

This kind of makeup is used to accentuate the areas of the skin. This makeup is easily applicable to all kinds of ages and skin types.

Smokey Makeup Development:

As the name says itself this makeup look is created to have a smoky effect on the eyes nowadays it is topped by the shimmery inner corners.

In the 19th century women wore little or no makeup, only actor, actresses wore some of it. Most women would apply a mixture made out of zinc oxide, mercury, lead and acids. Some even ate chalk and drank iodine to attain whiteness. Now seeing ongoing trends, there are makeup development brands like Fenty beauty, Juvias and many more who came out with a range of so many foundations for every skin type that it’s staggering. Not only high-end but drugstore makeup brands came out with much more than foundation; concealers, bronzers, blushes were introduced for every skin type, and this made access easier to make up for everyone.

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