Everything you Should know Before Choosing Vinyl Flooring For Your Home

Luxury Vinyl Flooring
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Flooring is a huge part of your infrastructure, whether it is a home or a commercial property there are several aspects of flooring materials that you have to consider before you finally get it installed. To understand how each flooring-material works and how it will benefit you, you have to get in touch with professionals who install vinyl flooring in St Albert. Their experience and understanding of how vinyl floors will translate onto your property and how long they will last depending on the activities that are being carried out on your property.

These are all aspects of flooring you should discuss in detail before committing to the project. There are several materials available on the market that is priced differently and all of these materials need to be cleaned and maintained using different procedures.

Your budget and use dictate what you finally settle for.  If you are considering vinyl flooring by the end of the day, then there are a few things about vinyl flooring that you should know.

First off, vinyl flooring is available in two basic styles; tiles and sheets. The sheet flooring option has two widths, its either six feet or twelve feet. Vinyl tiles are installed in square-shaped tiles with sizes available in either 9 square inches or 12 square inches. Vinyl tiles are often considered the more economical option.

If you are looking for a luxurious finish like wood or stone then you can opt for planks that are shaped 7 inches wide and 48 inches long.

Vinyl floors are highly water-resistant and take less than half the time to install as compared to traditional flooring materials such as wooden, stone, marble, or ceramic. Vinyl floors are aesthetically pleasing and available in three basic finishes.

  1. The no-wax finish

The no-wax finish is one of the most common types of flooring vinyl available on the market. This is suitable for places that have light foot traffic and hardly any moisture or dirt exposure.

  • The Urethane Finish

This is a highly demanded finish that can endure heavy foot traffic and is quite resistant to scuffing. It is also easier to maintain and clean on a routine basis.

  • Enhanced urethane texture

This is the toughest texture available in vinyl flooring. This can handle heavy foot traffic and are the easiest to clean and maintain. This texture is also highly resistant to scuffing, scratches as well as staining. This is a texture that works for commercial settings and has a relatively longer life than other vinyl textures. All this floor needs is routine cleaning and the floor remains in shape for several years. The luster and shine of this floor can also be preserved for longer.

Besides the several textures available in vinyl flooring you should understand other aspects of this flooring material.

  1. Cost

Vinyl flooring is one of the most affordable options available on the market. Its value per square foot is comparatively lower than average flooring materials. It is also extremely affordable to get installed. If you are comparing options you can look for luxury vinyl floors as well. You might find promotions and deals that are suitable for your budget and end up with a luxury floor.

  • They are durable

If you hire the right people and get the suitable texture for your property your vinyl flooring can last up to 20 years. Some vinyl flooring textures have a wear layer on top that can be fixed over warranty. These warranties can last up to 15 years or more depending on the type of vinyl flooring and the company you have hired for vinyl flooring Sherwood Park.

  • Suitable for

While vinyl flooring work for almost all parts of the structure they are best suited for

Bathroom floors


Basements floors

Family rooms

Laundry rooms

They are also the most effective option for lofts and pool houses. You can choose between several designs that suit your overall aesthetic as well. Experts at Floor Plan Inc can assist you with the information, choice, and installation for all types of vinyl floors.