The Lifestyle Trends; Connection to Modern Fashion;

Modern Life Style Trends

Fashion nowadays is recognized as popular culture, right now as it is mainly focused upon popular styles and practices, especially concerning apparels like clothing, footwear, makeup and furniture etc. It is commonly a trend of how an individual represents himself in society. It comprises different styles and behavior injected into society by different fashion designers.

Fashion dates back to the 19th century when Charles Frederick founded it as he opened the first fashion house in Paris before these fashion house clothes were made and designed by random designers and the standards were different for all different classes in the society.

Seeing the new generation, the youth and even elderly who are full of life prefer unstitched clothes mostly because they have a design in their mind and they want to follow the latest trends and would want the same exact thing which can be done in unstitched clothing, but as we are living in the 20th century, we all prefer quick fix in times of rush that is stitched clothes.

To meet the need, various brands have come out with sizes for everyone that it has become easier for most of us to wear any style we want. Quality of the fabric is kept in mind; people tend to wear pure fabric or pure silk because it feels light to wear; the fabric also depends on the weather conditions. Now coming to the colors which are a trend these days; Neon and bright colors have become our favorite these days, these colors can easily make you look funky or classy at the same time.

Talking about a fact here, colors also depend on skin complexion.  For instance, a fair woman can wear bright and dark colors, and a bit tanned skin women can wear light bright colors plus colors do depend on body shape as well like if you are a bit chubby white would make you look more fat, but black would make you look just perfect.

Now if we are dressing nice, we should and can top it off with some gratifying accessories and jewelry. Importance of jewelry is that it can make you look classy, trendy and beautiful. Keeping in mind, wearing the right piece for the right occasion will make you look appealing, at the moment people prefer wearing some artificial and diamond jewelry because that’s what’s trending these days. Jewelry doesn’t make you look stunning, but it also symbolizes wealth, power and status.

Modern Life Style Trends would be defined as the way one’s living; on the other hand, luxury is defined as an exceptional state of bliss involving great expenses. Community living in an old lifestyle would come out of their homes in the morning or evening and sit together for good chit chat, they were hardworking and knew how to manage time. They just did the simplest things in their lives from cooking on coals and woods to sleeping on hard mats there was no concept of privacy in old lifestyle.

Accordingly, in the Luxury lifestyle, people have become very professional and top-notch, from having big houses and everyone having their own space to cooking on stoves and not indulging much with others’ lives. That’s how the lifestyle has changed over time.